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Foundation Repair Services

Foundation issues in homes are challenging without the right expertise, tools, and materials. When a home's foundation fails, it can cause several problems. JCO Foundation Repair provides a wide range of foundation repair solutions while finding the root cause. Whether we need to break your concrete slab from inside your home or we can proceed from the outside, your home's foundation is in good hands!
We're the experts in slab foundation repairs across North Texas.

Beam Repair & Crawl Spaces

In Dallas, Texas, pier and beam construction is preferred over slab because it allows for a crawl space rather than a basement. Pier and beam foundations are susceptible to structural deterioration from rotting wood and termites; therefore, it is crucial to prevent any water leaks from coming into your foundation. We'll know how severe the damage to the pier and beam foundation is and what actions are necessary to address the problems after our Foundation Repair Experts inspect it.
No job is too big or too small for us! We treat every foundation issue serious.
JCO Foundation Repair
Lawn drainage to prevent foundation problems

Foundation Drainage

Preventing basement leaks and severe foundation damage with an efficient drainage system is the best defense against these problems. All of our foundation repair experts are familiar with the best practices for an effective drainage system available to homeowners.
Our JCO Foundation Repair experts can evaluate your land, then efficiently and with minimal turf damage, build drainage channels and pipes. The objective is to route any water outwards away from your home's foundation. Call us for more information!

Preventative Measures & Free Inspections

A house inspection can discover issues with the foundation's curing, such as cracks, gaps, and discoloration, in a freshly constructed home. Before you buy a house, JCO Foundation may conduct a foundation inspection for your peace of mind.
Preventative measures may include implementing an effective drainage system for your lawn, connecting your gutters to a drain system that takes water away from your home, removing trees that are too close to your home, among other things. For a better understanding as what you can do for your home, call JCO Foundation Repair and have a foundation repair expert visit your home for a Free Estimate!
JCO Foundation Repair Specialists in Dallas, Texas

Call JCO Foundation Repair If...

  • You have sticking doors or windows.
  • There are fissures in the concrete, masonry, or drywall of your home.
  • Something seems to be causing your house to sink or settle.
  • Your door and window frames have gaps in them.
  • Floors sagging.
  • That dampness in your basement’s crawl space.
  • Your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are peeling away from the wall.
  • If you need a foundation repair in Dallas or anywhere else in North Texas, JCO Foundation Repair is your best bet!
JCO Foundation Repair - Signs of home foundation issues

Our Foundation Repair Process

Our foundation repair experts have the knowledge, skills, and experience to identify foundation issues and the root cause of your home's foundation problems. Every job is finished with the highest care and attention to detail since we value the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

Measure Home's Foundation Level

We first determine which is the lowest point in your home and inspect the level of your home's interior.

Inspect Interior, Exterior, & Crawlspace of Home

We then look for signs on the interior walls, doors, exterior walls, foundation slab, and other noticeable signs.

Identify Piers Needed and Drainage Solution

We then identify the areas to add piers for a better structure and foundation support.

Repairs Done According to Plan

Our crew will go on conduct a professional foundation repair service based on the estimate provided.


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