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JCO Foundation Repair is a family owned company from Dallas, Texas.

Foundation issues in homes are challenging without the right expertise, tools, and materials. We have 10+ years of experience providing foundation repair services at affordable rates.

Reliable & Efficient Service

Dependable foundation repair services are what you can anticipate from our team when you hire us. we have 10+ years of experience!

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We're a family owned & operated company offering professional foundation repair services without the overhead costs of a bigger companies. Thus passing the savings onto you!

Finding Solutions to your Foundation Problems

Not only do we repair your home's foundation but we also find the root cause of your home foundation's problem. Whether it is the soil, water leak, or another situation, we offer a plan of action that can help you save money down the road.

JCO Foundation Repair Specialists in Dallas, Texas


Fixing one foundation at a time in North Texas

Word-of-mouth has always been the most reliable indicator of consumer satisfaction with our company's offerings. Nearly every day, a new client contacts us after hearing that one of our previous clients had a positive experience with our foundation repair services. Our team of foundation experts are here to help!

Our Company Promise

We strive for excellence because we care deeply about the satisfaction of our clients. JCO Foundation Repair is the best foundation repair company in Dallas. Make sure your foundation is in good shape by contacting us for a Free Foundation Repair Estimate.